who knew poop was so exciting?

We have recently been trying to potty train our almost 2 and a half year old daughter.  It definitely ebbs and flows, some weeks are good, others she claims “it’s not working”.  She has been pretty good about making poop in the potty, but the peepee thing, it’s a work in process. 

With the poop, well, she tends to hold on to things for a couple of days, and then have a big traumatic experience in which her “bottom is hurting” and we have to rush to the toilet and “squeeze it out”  while she is crying.  Very sad thing to observe.  Yesterday was just such a day, and so I was not expecting to have another poop experience for another couple of days.  Needless to say, I was very surprised to hear her calling out today “I gotta squeeze it out, I gotta squeeze it out”!!!  I ran to find her, and she had already hopped the gate to the bathroom (which I had to put up yesterday because our 1 year old figured out how to flush the toilet) and was standing in the dark bathroom with her pull-up down, clutching her hiney.  I sat her on the toilet, but it was too late, her little hand came around… she had made her poop in her hand.  So there she is, clutching her little log, and I am totally grossed out.    We washed, take that back, we scrubbed her hands, and mine too, and went about our morning.

I took my shower, dried my hair, and then, came out to find her leaning over the ottoman saying “oh man, oh man”  I asked what was wrong, and she said, “I gotta squeeze again!”.  So, we went back to the toilet, where she proceeded to push out an adult sized poop. 

After yesterday’s and today’s poops, I’m seriously wondering if she had ANY room left in her colon… was it totally full all the way up to her stomach???  Is that possible???

Ah, the excitement of poop… who would have thunk it?

1 Comments on “who knew poop was so exciting?”

  1. I wish you lots of luck, and hopefully sooner than later, success with your potty training. We had plenty of accidents in our efforts with Carly, but with constant reminders (or harrassment) for her to go to the bathroom, we finally got it done. (whew!) 🙂

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