Okay, so I know this is my second post of the day, but really, the other one was just an update… so…

I have crazy dreams.  And, frequently do not remember them unless someone says something that triggers my overloaded brain.  However, sometimes I do remember them, and I wonder if they are indicative of the future, or are they just a jumble of thoughts that my subconcious creates a weird story line from.  Example:  when I was pregnant with my first child I dreamed that I went into labor, was in the delivery room, and gave birth to … a puppy.  Yes, a puppy.  Now while it was a very cute puppy, it was not the baby girl that I had been imagining.  Of course, when I woke up I started having crazy thoughts about whether or not I was actually having a baby, or was it in fact a puppy turning upside down and all around in there.  After reassuring myself that had the sonogram tech seen a puppy on the screen rather than a baby she would have been morally and ethically obligated to inform me… I was okay.  So, I’m sure that was simply my subconcious putting together random thoughts to create a story.  Thoughts of childbirth fears, going into labor fears, and having a healthy (human) baby fears.

A dream that I had that was not so crazy involved my sister.  I had the most vivid dream that she found out that she was having a baby.  Now, this was strange because at the time she and her husband had two very young foster children, and were not planning on having biological children in the near future.  But, it was sooo real.  Real to the point that I remembered saying in the dream “oh, how fun, our babies will be six months apart!” (I was pregnant with baby no. 2 at the time), and in the dream I walked over to the box of cards I had made to send her one, but I couldn’t choose one because I didn’t know if she was having a boy or a girl. 

I woke up, and called my mom (only ’cause I thought my sis was working that day) to see if she had heard anything about my sister being pregnant.  She said no…  but called me back about 30 minutes later and said “if you ever have a dream about me, call me right away”.  Yeah, my sister heard about my dream, went to get a pee stick test, peed on it, and it was positive.  OH MY GOSH.  You could have knocked me over with a feather (which is saying a lot ’cause I had a lot of pregnancy weight going on at the time). 

So that dream, I believe came from God.  My sister was on some medicines that she should not have been taking had she known she was pregnant… and she had no clue.  Her cycles were so irregular, who knows when she would have found out.  She came off of the medicine… and found out that her due date was… approx. 6 months after mine… just like I had dreamed. 

So, my most recent dream.  I was delivering a baby (no, I’m not PG again), and we had chosen not to find out the gender (which I have thought about doing should we decide in the future to procreate again).  I’m at the end of the delivery time when things get a little icky, and the door is open, and all sorts of people are walking down the hall and peeking in.  Ewww.  So then I ask the intern (it wasn’t a doc from the practice I go to) if I can have a mirror to check out the progress.  (an aside… it sounds gross, but it’s pretty cool… especially if you have an epidural and can’t feel if what you’re doing is working or not)  This intern says, “no, that’s a little tacky” to my request.  Remember, that the door is OPEN and people are PEEKING IN!!!  Tacky?  Whatever.  So, I have the baby and it’s a boy.  And that’s the end of the dream. 

Strange.  I’m hoping this is not one of those “God’s letting me in on a secret” sort of dreams.  If I have another baby now, I will for sure have to go back to my therapist.

3 Comments on “dreams…”

  1. I haven’t really had any visionary dreams, but I do think that pregnancy and motherhood bring on their own kind of thoughts, and therefore dreams. With both of my pregnancies I had visions of talking newborns, headless (creepy) babies, and infants whose faces or heads I could not see. I don’t know if these meant anything…I think they usually came before I had found out the gender, but I think it’s just the mind’s way of dealing with a traumatic experience for the body.

  2. Wow. Cool.

    Totally with you on the dream thing. Melissa’s had some strangely prescient ones as well.

    Me. I’m the weirdo. I have experiences fairly regularly where I think, “I’ve dreamed this before.” and I have a mental picture of the dream…but it may just be a mental hiccup. I dunno.

  3. Okay, so I just re-read this, and the part about the future dream? It happened! I did have a baby boy, and we did choose to not find out the gender beforehand! CRAZY!!! I’m so glad I blog… 🙂

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