the at&t conspiracy!

Okay, my husband and I have been with AT&T for our cell service pretty much since we got married.  That would be, 6 and a half years ago (add the 6 years that we dated, and this is our 12th Thanksgiving together!) 

Where was I, oh yes, AT&T.  Okay, so we got AT&T because, well, we are not the type of people who “shop around”.  We don’t look for bargains, we don’t comparison shop, I don’t read the consumer reports.  We buy more on a “spur of the moment” sort of deal.  Others may refer to this as “impulse buying”.  So, that’s how we started with AT&T.  We needed to get a cell phone and service after we got married, and that’s the first place we went.

Being dutiful Americans, we have upgraded/exchanged our phones pretty much once a year.  As the AT&T contract is for 2 years, and not one, that means that we end up extending out our contract beyond what we originally planned.  And, until now, that has been fine.  We have had unusually good reception, even in bad spots, and the phones don’t seem to have many problems or glitches.

September 2007.  We go in to exchange phones, mainly because my husband is not happy with the way his is behaving.  We had to do it at this time because I was due to deliver our second child in exactly 3 days.  So, I knew if we didn’t go at that point, we wouldn’t be making it in for a loooooong while. 

We both got the same kind of phone.  It’s a Nokia, but beyond that, I don’t know.   Apparently this phone was pretty new, ’cause it was not even out on the shelves yet (remind me later to go back and thank the girl who found these gems for us).   My dearly beloved almost immediately started having trouble with his (yes, he always gets that one…), but mine was great, I loved it.  Until… about 2 weeks ago.  My husband started noticing that sometimes people couldn’t hear what he was saying, even though he could hear them.  Sometimes this would happen, sometimes it wouldn’t.  Then, I started noticing the same thing, and realized that it was dropping my end of the conversation even when I had FULL BARS!  *sigh*  So frustrating.  Although it has been almost comical at times trying to get in a full conversation with anyone (like the one with my mom on the way to Garden Ridge this weekend), it’s mostly just annoying.

So, my conspiracy theory is this:  AT&T knows that we’re a little over 1 year into our contract, and that we have been talking about switching to Verizon.  With this secret knowledge, they have devised a plan to make us hate our phones SO MUCH that we will want to trade them in, thus extending our contract and prohibiting our carrier switch. 

We want to be strong… but 10 months is a LOOOONG time to have to have a piece of trash cell phone. 

We’ll see how it goes… my guess is that we break down before the end of the year.

(Plus, wouldn’t it be cool to have one of those phones with the full keyboard?  I’m not sure I would use it a lot, but it would be cool…)

1 Comments on “the at&t conspiracy!”

  1. I have a phone with a full keyboard and it’s awesome…

    And this is weird, because I’ve been having the SAME problem with mine. (I have AT&T too.)

    I can hear them, but the person I’m talking too says I’m breaking up. And lots of dropped calls. I went to the AT&T store in NB and they switched out my sim card for free and said that should fix it. It didn’t. I was going to call AT&T and have them replace it for free (still under the 1 year warrantee) but now it’s not doing it, so I don’t know what to do…

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