Thanksgiving drama

Every Thanksgiving (in my recollection of 12 years with the family, there’s only been one exception)  my husband’s family has a big gathering at his parents house and we all eat, play games, and visit.  It’s fun times. 

This year was very promising.  After having a somewhat “off beat” Thanksgiving in 2007 due to many absences, almost everyone was going to be able to make it this time… and the weather was great this year, in comparison to last year’s cold, breezy, overcast forecast.

So, we gathered, we ate, we played games, we visited… it was truly a good time!  So, where did the “drama” come in?  With none other than, my very own child.

She had been running a slight temperature the day before (Wednesday), but it was easily controlled with children’s tylenol, and other than that, she was acting normal.  I know after having dealt with this type of thing a couple times now that sometimes kids just run random fevers, and though they may last a day or two, as long as they respond to tylenol and are otherwise acting normal, it’s okay.  Fevers are our friend!!!

By the afternoon of our Thanksgiving festivities, she was feeling hot… really hot.  We went home about 5ish or so, and I took her temp.  Her axillary (armpit) temp was over 101, which, when you add the degree onto it for being axillary, is actually over 102.  I gave her tylenol, and checked her a little later, and it had gone up… not normal.  It should be going down!  It eventually did go down, but it took over an hour for the tylenol to kick in.  That night, her fever climbed as high as 103, and she started to fuss when she would get the urge to make pee pee in the potty.  I knew something was wrong, and that it was something bladder related.

I called her pedi. the next day, and wouldn’t you know, his office was closed being the day after Thanksgiving and all.  So, I ended up taking her to an Urgi Care.  This turned out to be a huge blessing in disguse.  The doctor there checked everything out to rule out common culprits such as ear infections and strep, and then told me we’d have to do a catherization (I have no clue if I spelled that correctly) since she wasn’t potty trained enough to pee in a cup.  Plus, at that point, she hadn’t peed all day.  Now I know it was ’cause it hurt too much…

So, the cath. process is not one I ever want to repeat, nor would I wish it on my worst enemy.  It was AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL.  She was, of course, screaming and fighting.  It took me and a pediatric nurse to hold her down while the tech got the “specimen”.  The process gave her the urge to urinate, so she’s screaming, “Mommy I need to make pee pee” over and over, not knowing that she was.  So sad.

That being finished, she collapsed on my lap and fell asleep while the specimen was being processed, and 30 minutes later we found out she had a urinary tract infection.   If we hadn’t had been at the Urgi Care, where they have a lab on site, we wouldn’t have been able to get such a quick, accurate diagnosis.  We were able to get her medicine that afternoon, and 24 hours of antibiotics later, she’s doing much better, although still she has much discomfort when urinating.  We’ll be able to find out later in the week what exact type of bacteria, and how much of it, she had. 

How does a 2 year old get one of these?  My mom’s suggestions were that either now that she’s going on the potty more, things just aren’t getting as cleaned off, or, one of the times I let her run around without her diaper on something got in there.  I don’t know.  But, I do know that I hope that she never has to go through that again.

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