maybe i have a sleeping disorder?

In my recent, very convoluted attempts to figure out why I’m so tired, I’ve decided I must have some sort of sleeping disorder.  Yep, that’s it.  That sounds so much better than “I need to work out”, or “I need to eat better”.  Just for today, for right now, I’d like the blame for my blah-ness to rest squarely on something other than me. 

Of course, deep in the deepest, most honest parts of my brain, I know that it has a little something to do with me… but for today, it doesn’t.  Plus, it’s freakin’ cold outside.  Why on earth would I want to haul the double stroller from it’s dusty perch out of the garage, bundle up the kids, and freeze my tail off going for a walk?  Really, I shouldn’t… it’s not good for the kids.  Yep, they would probably catch a cold or something.   

And, when it’s this cold outside, I don’t want to eat healthy food.  Spinach salad?  I think maybe not.  I feel more like a huge plate of steaming hot baked ziti… with no salad on the side.  It’s in the oven right now.  My dreams will come true in about 35 minutes.

So,  for right now, I’m just going to finish my cup of coffee, hope that it gives me the jolt I so very badly need, and then enjoy my carb fest. 

Maybe tomorrow I’ll go for a walk… if my “disorder” doesn’t get the best of me.

1 Comments on “maybe i have a sleeping disorder?”

  1. i share your love for carbs!!! salad = ick (unless it’s got tons of unhealthy stuff on top!). & i wouldnt work out outside either, brr, we have a gym membership, thats the only reason i am somewhat healthy!! oh & i hope your kids get good naps so you can come to the party!! 🙂

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