ahh, technology…

In honor of WordPress putting out their new dashboard, I decided to do a little updating of my own.  First, let me say that I do like the new dashboard.  Once I figured my way around, it’s actually a little more “neophyte friendly”, which means newbies like me can work it better.  Second though, in the search to find a different background theme, I had trouble.  I wasn’t totally in love with a whole bunch of the backgrounds… but I chose this one because it was basic, had lot of options, and I could put in the picture of the sun rising at the coast.  Love, love, love going to the coast…

So, check out my new stuff!  Well, there’s not that much new stuff, just newly formatted.  Maybe later there will be new stuff.  Right now my brain is tired just from having to do what I’ve done so far. 

That’s all for now.  I do have something else to write about later, but now, life is calling back away from the computer screen.

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