what color fits my personality?

I found this on the MSN page yesterday.  It’s not the full test, just the results of which color means what, personality wise.  Of course, stuff like this isn’t necessarily realistic or true… kind of like a fortune cookie.  But, there apparently is a little bit of science behind this. 

Think what you will, and if you’re one of the 3 people who look at my pathetic ramblings on a fairly regular basis, let me know what color you are!  I think it’s interesting, even if a little kooky.

Dr Max Lüscher invented the Lüscher colour test in 1947. It is now used by psychologists to reveal hidden moods and stresses. Advertisers and designers also use it. The original test used over 50 colour shades, but the simplified version uses just eight to make it quicker and easier.

The colors used are blue, green, yellow, red, violet , brown, black and grey. The idea is that you list the colors according to preference, so that the color you like best is at the top of the list, and the color you most dislike is at the bottom. You should go with your gut feeling, rather than spend time deliberating.

Blue, red, green and yellow are primary colors. If they are low down on your list, they may be indicating tension which requires tackling. All of the eight colors are associated with different qualities.

Blue – Associated with `depth of feeling` and indicates being passive, sensitive, perceptive, calm, tender, loving and affectionate.

Green – Associated with `Elasticity of Will` and indicates defensiveness, possessiveness, persistence, assertiveness and self-confidence.

Yellow – Associated with `Spontaneity` and indicates aspiration, investigation, versatility and originality.

Red – Associated with `Force of Will` and indicates activeness, desire, power and sexuality.

Violet has the qualities of both red and blue and symbolizes identification and wanting to understand things.

Brown is connected to the senses and can shed light on the state of the body.

Black indicates rebellion and rejection.

Grey indicates hiding something or not wanting to get involved.

The colors in first and second positions on the list indicate your desired objectives. These are the qualities that you believe will help you to meet your objectives in life. The third and fourth positions reveal things about how view your current situation and how the situation influences your behaviour and actions. The fifth and sixth positions show qualities which you do not use, but can bring into play if necessary. Finally, the seventh and eighth positions are about qualities that you have hidden or rejected.

4 Comments on “what color fits my personality?”

  1. Brown, red, green, blue, violet, yellow, black, gray…. not sure that is accurate with red being so high! haha.

  2. Phil, my top two are the same as yours! I disagree with the blue assessment of myself, but I do think I fit the “green” mold pretty well…

  3. Oh, I don’t know… I can see those blue characteristics in you. Just cuz you’re not that way all the time doesn’t mean you’re not that way. 🙂

    You need a “recent comments” link on this blog so I can go back and look and see if you responded to any of my comments on old posts easily.

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