My Opinion on Frozen Shrimp

I have this meal I make, garlic shrimp alfredo.  It’s really good, and super-duper easy too.  When I first made it, I went all out, even making the sauce (using the Knorr’s packet).  I soon learned that the jar variety tastes just as good, if not better, and is much easier.  I have also used fresh shrimp from the seafood counter every time I’ve made it.  It’s amazing what they can do these days… I can buy fresh shrimp already split and deveined… all I have to do is peel the suckers. 

Yesterday I made this meal, but instead of using fresh shrimp from the seafood counter I used frozen shrimp.  They were raw frozen shrimp, and already split, deveined, AND peeled, so I figured it might save a step in the process.  (Plus, the store we were shopping at didn’t have a seafood counter…so it was this, or nuthin’)

Turns out, it’s just not as good.  It tasted like… bad seafood restaurant.  My dear husband would have never said so, but he agreed with me when I said it.  He also mentioned that we should use fresh shrimp in the future. 

So much for saving a step. 

So, my opinion on using frozen shrimp in a pasta dish where the shrimp are the featured item:  don’t do it.  Pay a little bit more (or sometimes less if you hit a good sale!), and buy them fresh!

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