oooh, two for the day!

I don’t usually put 2 posts up on the same day, especially 2 so close together.  But, since they are both small and of no consequence, maybe they will add up to 1 real post.  I dunno.  Maybe not.

I just changed Eli’s diaper.  It was a poopy.  When he does that (which is at least once a day) I sing a little song to him.  You know the song Phoebe sings on Friends about “smelly cat”. 

Well, it’s that, only instead of “smelly cat”, I sing “smelly boy”.  He really likes it, it makes him laugh!

So, the chorus goes like this:

Smelly boy, smelly boy, what are they feeding you (in his case, broccoli last night)

Smelly boy, smelly boy, it’s not your fault! (and really, it’s not, I put it on his plate)

‘Kay, I promise that will be all of my random thoughts for the day.  Tomorrow I might do something more significant.


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