ahh, little adolf

Previously, I mentioned my dislike for “original” names.  I think they are kind of goofy.  I’m not going to go on a long rampage against originality, but really, don’t people think about the future when they choose these things?

Today, there was another one brought to my attention by the kind folks at MSN.  Seriously, “originality” looks awesome next to what these parents did to their kids!

WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU NAME YOUR CHILD ADOLF HITLER???  They claimed it was because “no one else would have that name”  No joke!  But did they consider WHY no one has the name?  The only reason I can think of behind this name is that they are pro-Hitler, therefore, pro-what-he-stood-for, which is BAD STUFF!  I spent many of my growing up years (9) living in Germany myself.  When I was in 6th grade I started reading historical fiction, some about the WWII era.  I asked our German land lord’s daughter (who was my age) if she knew who Hitler was.  She was clueless.  Her father told me that they don’t discuss that part of their history, that it was a bad time.  Now, while I’m not advocating ignorance of the past, doesn’t that one example show that even educated Germans don’t want to dwell on that part of their heinous history?  I’m sure they’re not naming their little boys Adolf in droves, much less Adolf Hitler.  Yikes. 

To make things more confusing, the dad claims he’s not racist!  He says that if little Adolf wants to hang out with people of other races, it’s okay with him.  Then why the emphasis on their “whiteness”?  Why ask for the child’s FULL name to be on his birthday cake?  Why have a daughter with the middle name “Aryan Nation”.  I’m not making this stuff up!!! 

I ended my previous comments about weird baby names with “all babies are a blessing, regardless of their name”, and that’s still true.  But, this is beyond weird… it is creepy.  My money is on little Adolf changing his name when he’s older.

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