I’m so torn!! And it’s a good thing.

So, today is the BIG day!  I’m leaving this afternoon for a short trip to South Carolina for my uncle’s wedding.  I’m so excited about the wedding, and being able to help out.  He is 48 (I think!)  and has never before been married… just been waitin’ on the right “one”, and he finally found her!  He has taught me a lot about perserverance and patience.  I think I would have probably given up a long time ago…

I’m travelling without my children.  Since I had Eli, I have not been without them for any amount of time like this… definitely not any over nights!  My sweet husband Matt is staying home with them while I go to be with my family.  I think he’s in for the ride of his life!  I know he’s a little nervous, but I also know he’ll be great.  He may be exhausted when I return, but all in all, I think he’ll have  a new appreciation for the job I do day in, day out!!! 🙂

So, getting down to the matter I came to write about, which is that I’m torn.  I’m (dare I say it) glad to be leaving for a few days.  Yes, bad mommy award goes to me.  I’ve just been feeling reeeeally “trapped” lately.  I think that this short trip away is just what I need. 

On the other hand, I’m torn because I don’t want to leave!  I’m going to miss this chaos and madness more than I think!  I’m going to miss the sweet hugs, and snuggles, and cries of “Mommy’s gotta do it”!!! 

Maybe when I return, both Matt and I will have a new appreciation for the job I do…

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