update on baby Hannah

Well, the one-year old baby I’ve written about a couple of times with MPS I  is not doing well again… but this time, it’s really bad. 

She’s been through bacterial infections, fungal infections, ventilators, bed sores, feeding tubes, x-rays, and every other form of invasive procedure I’ve heard of.  And it still amazes me that she has been doing as well as she has.

The ventilator that she is on is called an oscillator.  It’s pretty serious to be on that.  Even with it breathing for her, her oxygen levels aren’t stable.  I just got an email saying that as best as she could understand, the grandmother thinks that her doctors and parents are going to have to make a decision as to whether or not to keep her on the ventilator.  If they take her off, she will most likely die.  This could be within hours of now.

And here I am, feeling sorry for myself today because my kids are driving me crazy.  How easy it is to become totally self-absorbed these days.    Needless to say, the news snapped me out of my funk, and reminded me to be grateful and thankful for not only the gift of my children, but of their health.

I don’t think Hannah will make it much longer, but I know that miracles still happen.  I’m laying aside my doubt, and praying with confidence to a God who can heal completely and instantly.  I’m also praying to a God who grants peace beyond anything we imagine peace to be like.  I hope she is healed on earth, but if she’s not, I will mourn her loss, and rejoice in her eternal healing… grateful that she won’t suffer any more.

If you want to read more about Hannah’s story as I’ve blogged it, follow the links.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand

things are looking up

I still don’t understand

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