2 days down, 1 to go.

The phrase “fish and company stink in 3 days” I have determined is (for the most part) true.  Every family visit, either me going home, or my family coming to see us, has always been really good until about day 3, and then the melting down occurs.  The rare occasions when this has not proven to be true is when there is busy, busy activity focused on someone outside of the house.  The first time I experienced this type of “longer than 3 days and good” visit was for my sister’s wedding.  We were so focused on that event, and making it all about her that we never reached the “3 day limit” so to speak.  This visit I am currently on now has been that way too.  I came in on a Thursday night, my uncle got married at my parents house this afternoon, and I’m leaving tomorrow.  Even though the stress was focused on the house, the length of the visit combined with the focus on making the day special for the bride and groom made it not seem so bad.  So, all in all, I think this has been a good visit. 

The wedding was amazing.  My uncle is 48 years old.  He has never been married before.  He has waited his whole life to find “the one”.   He did, and they are blissfully happy!  The wedding was small, intimate, and beautiful.  My parents have a bay window in a large room with hardwood floors that we cleared out for the event.  A friend of my mom’s swagged the window with fresh pine rope and magnolia.  They got married in front of that, and it was so special.  The coolest thing is that Andy is 48, just now getting married, and yet has no regrets about it taking this long.  He’s never said, “I wish I had this when I was 25” or anything like this.  It’s like his life has begun all over with her, and it’s perfect that way.

I am so excited for them!  I’m so happy that they found each other, and that they were both faithful in believing that God had someone for them! 

So, the “fish & company” phrase, well, I guess I won’t acually know if it would have come true this time. (Technically I will have been here a little over 3 days, but I really didn’t get here until late late late on Thursday night!)  I’m leaving after day 3, and it’s been such a great visit.  I’m glad it’s been good, it’s always nice when at the end of a visit you want to have another one!

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