happy adoption day, Gabi!

My sister has always loved kids.  She’s always wanted a lot of kids.  When she graduated from college with no boyfriend and marriage and family on the horizon, she decided to look into foster care.  She was uncertain how she (a single, working woman) would be received, but the need for good, dedicated foster parents was desperate.  So, after a looong process, she became approved for foster care.  Her goal was just to be able to love on and take care of children on a temporary basis.  She didn’t have any aspirations of using foster care as a route to a permanent situation.  Soon after she began fostering, she met, and soon married her husband.  He loves children as much as she does!  When they were engaged, a newborn baby came into the foster care system, and Kate picked her up.  This baby (whom they called Gabi) was different from the previous children.  It’s like they knew from the start that she was theirs. 

Today is Gabi’s adoption day!  After two and a half years, she is officially part of my sister’s family, although she has been a part of the family long before the “official” paperwork.  My daughter is 9 days younger than Gabi, and they love each other… it’s so sweet.  We talked about it today, that Gabi was being adopted, and what it meant, and she said “I gotta give Gabi a cake!”.  To Rachel, every occasion should be celebrated with cake! 

Currently, Kate and her husband James have one biological child, one adopted child, one child in the process of adoption, and a newborn baby boy whom they already love.  I don’t know how many kids they will end up with, but I do know this.  They will love every single one of them without regard to how they happen to join the family. 

So, the emotional day came, and is almost over.  I talked to Kate this morning and we were discussing how when you birth a child yourself, you know (within reason) what to expect.  You know that the baby you deliver will come home with you, and live with you, and you will watch he/she grow up.  With foster care and adoption it’s different.  You love the child just the same, but the certainty of them staying with you isn’t there.  That is what makes the adoption day so special.  Not that they are now a part of your family (’cause they already were), but that you now know for certain that they are there to stay.  

Happy Adoption Day, Gabi!

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