my heart is breaking…

So, the little girl I’ve written updates on periodically… I got a little while ago what is probably her last update.  Her parents both wrote a note explaining that the doctors don’t know what else to do for Hannah.  She is too sick, there are too many things wrong with her, and the medicines that should be working aren’t.  They said that it would be their last update. 

My heart is breaking for them.  I don’t even know where to begin… I feel like it’s not fair that this is happening to them… to Hannah.  She’s only 17 months old!  I know that it has looked bad before with her, and she’s always managed to fight through whatever came her way.  A big chunk of me is wanting her to keep fighting, to not give in to the infections invading her tiny body.  But another part of me, a tiny part, wants her to not feel pain anymore.  To not have to live her life hooked up to machines and IVs.  I’m torn.  I cannot even begin to comprehend the anguish that her parents are going through. 

Oh God, please, please, please wrap your arms around them.  There is not one person on this planet that is going to be able to comfort them in the loss of their only child.

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