pieces of memories

It’s December 26th.  The birthday of Sarah Frances (a friend), and the day after Christmas.  I already am forgetting what happened yesterday, so this is just pieces of what I remember, and what I would like to remember.

*  When we decorated our “happy birthday Jesus” cake, Rachel said, “oh, we gotta take it to him”!  I was seriously afraid that she was going to be upset if she didn’t get to see Jesus on Christmas.  Forget dressing up in a red suit and tacky white beard, my child wants to see the Son of God.  Fortunately, she did not wonder why we never actually saw Jesus. 

*  The present opening!  It was way more fun this year than ever before!  Rach got into it full swing, tearing paper like she was born to do it.  Eli also enjoyed the unwrapping, but he would get side-tracked easily by the toy that was unwrapped. 

*  Matt & the ladder.  I got Matt a new ladder as a present.  Not romantic, I know, but he needed it.  His old ladder, the supports were all broken off, and I was seriously afraid that he was going to break his neck everytime he used it.  We got the ladder on Christmas Eve, the kids and I.  That day we also went through the car wash, and got gas in the car.  When Matt got home, Rachel recounted her day to him, and then capped it off with, “and we got your green ladder, Daddy”!  I couldn’t even try to pretend I didn’t know what she was saying.  It was just too funny! So, that was one gift that was spoiled, but I did learn a lesson:  don’t shop with kids in the future (which does mean it’s going to have to be all online shopping next year…)

*  The family gift exchange.  We had a fun time eating our traditional mexican food meal and then doing the white elephant exchange with the adults (after the kids got their gifts!)  It was crazy (there are 6 grandkids aged 7 and under) but fun.  I ended up with a “date night” pack; giftcards for dinner and a movie.  Super exciting!  Now that the date is paid for, we can afford a babysitter!  The only part of the exchange that got on my nerves was people wanting their own things.   BORING!!!  The whole point is to enjoy the “unknown”!  I mean, I bought something that I would want too, but the goal is that someone else would enjoy it… not me.  The only reason I would end up with my own gift is if nobody else wanted it!  *sigh*  That’s just a personal rant about gift exchanges.  Live a little, people!!! 

*  Ahhh… I can’t think of anything else right now.  Along with the rest of my family, I am suffering from a yucky head cold.  Mine actually feels much better now than at the start of the day.  I am probably infecting my computer keyboard right now as I type…  oh well, that’s what Lysol is for, right?

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