the email i dreaded all day…

All day long I have been checking my email, praying that I wouldn’t get an update email about Hannah because I knew it would be to say that she had gone to be with Jesus.  At the same time, I was clinging to the hope that maybe, just maybe, there had been a miraculous turnaround, and she was going to be okay.

The email came tonight, and Hannah did go to be with Jesus this afternoon.  Please, if you read this, pray for her parents.  Their names are Marcus and Clair.

3 Comments on “the email i dreaded all day…”

  1. Dear God,
    Please do show your presence and your peace to Marcus and Clair today and every day following. May you bring clarity to their minds and hearts about Hannah. May the short time they had with her enrich their lives. Also surround them with loving family and friends during this time.
    In Christ’s name and for his sake,

  2. I cannot keep the tears back, Jesus. Only You can comfort this family. It is times like this that I am helpless and depend on the Holy Spirit to intercess for me. Hold Marcus and Claire close to you. Dance with their sweet Hannah!!!

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