the ickies, a time out, and my new obsession.

We are (as a family) finally overcoming the “ickies”.  Starting Christmas Day, we all started to feel a little yuck.  Which turned quickly into very yuck.  It all has to do with the treacherous Texas mountain cedar season.  Oh yeah, serious allergies going on.  So, the allergies turned into gross head congestion which has now morphed into the final stage:  the nagging cough.  Bleh.  (literally)   On top of the ickies, poor Eli has had 5 teeth coming in at once.  No wonder he has been such a grouch/whiney/fussy baby lately!!!

The ickies, and subsequent requirement to remain socially homebound as to not infect people we like, led me to feel a little insane.  I normally teeter precariously on the edge anyways, and being trapped in a house with 3 other sick folks just made it worse!  So, today, I needed a “time out”.  A time out for mommies is much different that your run of the mill time out.  During mine, I leave.  Yes, leave, with no one else in the car with me.  It’s a weird feeling, but I do it anyways.  Today I went to a local shopping area.  It’s really nice, outdoors, walkable, pretty…  all that junk.  Plus, I had a gift card to Ann Taylor Loft (the less expense, more trendy version of Ann Taylor).  Ann Taylor Loft (or, ATL, in my lingo) is my new obsession.  Well, I should qualify what I mean by new… like within the past year.  I LOVE IT.  It may not be Target prices, but the sizing, style, and quality make up the difference. Plus, if you really look, the sale rack at ATL is the same kind of prices as Target, Old Navy etc…, only better quality.  So, today I’m just looking around ’cause I have my giftcard and  a coupon for $25 off of a $50 or more purchase, which is way to easy to do.  I’m trying on, like, everything they have in the store.  An associate asks if I need any help, and I explain that I’m trying on everything in the store because I can.  No one is pulling at my pant leg, or screaming in the stroller, or running around like a maniac pulling racks of clothing down.  She smiles and tells me she remembers those days…   So, I do get 2 cute shirts, a pair of sunglasses (that were only $9.99) and make me feel like a movie star ’cause they are so big.  Then, I go to Starbucks!  Yes, I order a coffee (peppermint white mocha, grande) SIT DOWN in a chair, and READ A BOOK!!!  Yay for me!!!  It was great. 

Overall, a very good day.  Everyone is starting to feel better, and thanks to my time out, I feel a little more sane, got a major caffeine rush, and have some cute new shirts.  And, the best part is:  I did it all during naptime and used only giftcards… therefore… no guilt. 🙂

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