naked vs. nekkid

So, an interesting conversation that just happened (and we’re about to leave to go over to some friend’s house…)

Me (to Matt):  why are you walking around in your underwear?

Matt:  this is what I’m wearing.

Me:  well, I’m not going then.

Matt:  okay, I’ll eat your share of bbq.

Me:  fine, take your nekkid self over there and do that.

Matt:  I can’t do that, ’cause the word nekkid doesn’t exist.  I’ve heard of naked, not nekkid.

Me:  Well, it exists.

Matt:  can you spell that for me?

Me:  Yes.  N-E-K-K-I-D

Matt:  (laughs)  can you look that up on

Me:  nope.

The point?  The word nekkid does exist.  It is what naked is when you are talking in a more slang, comfortable tone with someone you know very well.

There’s your definition.

UPDATE:  Matt did get dressed, and we both ate way too much bbq.  😉

1 Comments on “naked vs. nekkid”

  1. i do believe nekkid is how i pronounce it… i thought at first you were spelling it like that because you didnt want “naked” on your blog, ha!

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