the fish will live another day

We have a beta fish.  Don’t get me started on “why”.  I know, I know, a 2 year old and a 1 year old are not capable of taking care of a fish… it was an impulse buy.

So, lately I have been becoming weary of caring for “fishie”.  Not that she takes a whole bunch of time.  I’m just rebelling against it.  I seriously considered flushing her down the toilet, after all, according to Pixar in Finding Nemo, all drains lead to the ocean.  She would be happier, right (even though she’s freshwater fish???)  Couldn’t fool myself.  I know that our drains lead to the septic tank, where she would rot to death.  Plus, if I just let her go, what kind of precedent is that setting?  We can just get rid of things when they are not convenient for us?  Not something I want my kids to learn at such and early age. 

Yesterday I cleaned her bowl out.  Poor Fishie, I’m not sure how she was breathing in that nasty water. 

She will live another day, and many more, if she’s anything like the other betas I’ve had in my life…

1 Comments on “the fish will live another day”

  1. haha that is hilarious. the maid at my parents house dumped my fish down the sink because it was in a glass instead of a bowl temporarily. sad day. so, you could get a maid…

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