Batman & ???

Last night, we found ourselves with nothing to do, nowhere to go.  So, I called up my in-laws and asked them if they wanted to invite us over.  And, so, they did!  We went over after dinner, and played the fantastic game of Pictionary.  I have not played that game in forever, and was in the mood for something different, so I picked it.  We teamed up (couple vs. couple) and proceeded to refresh on the directions. 

As the drawing began, it was clear from the start that Matt and I were the dominate team.  Not necessarily because we are superior drawers by any stretch of the imagination, but I guess because we doodled faster.    So, we got a pretty good head start.  We did end up winning, but Melissa and Phil put for a mighty effort toward the end.  In fact, if they had been able to roll anything other than a “1” on the die, I bet it would have been super close.  The highlight of the night (well, there’s really two)

1.  Melissa and I had to draw “batman & robin”.  We got the boys to guess “bat man” pretty quickly, then we were both drawing little birds, thinking, surely they will connect a bird drawing to batman as being “robin”.  Nope.  I drew a fairly decent bird, apparently Melissa’s was little more than a blob.  We never found out, ’cause she promptly trashed it after Phil made fun of it.  Which leads me to number…

2.  Melissa then tried to kick Phil in the head for making fun of her.  Funny, funny stuff!  I only wish I had a video camera.  That mess would have gone crazy viral if I had posted it to youtube! 🙂  She did not make it, but I feel fully confident that had she not been laughing so hard while attempting the kick, she would have encountered success.

3.  (yeah, I know I said 2, but I forgot one)  Melissa made some brownies that were waaaay to gooey.  Yes, I had to eat it with a fork.  Yum.  Now I”m eating the leftover congealed brownies I brought home.  They are powerful good. 

And, that’s it.  I’m not sure we’ll play Pictionary in the near future.  My carefully hidden competitive nature started to come out in some ugly ways.  *sigh*  I guess that will always be a work in progress… 🙂

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