Eli’s speech update

So, we just had our “intake” session with an early interventionist.  She mostly asked me a lot of questions, and played with Eli to see where he was at.  She said based on her observations, he’s borderline for needing speech services.  She’s going to coordinate for the speech therapist to come out to evaluate him, and we go from there!  He has to be 6 months or more behind to qualify for services.  So, even if he’s, let’s say 3-4 months delayed, that’s just the slower side of normal development, and he won’t qualify for speech therapy through them.  They will, however, give me advice and tips to help him develop and catch up. 

I guess it’s just wait and see now!  I am encouraged after the visit.  Eli is making different noises that I never differentiated before.  He does have  “ah”, “oh”, “uh”  sounds.  He just doesn’t use any particular or specific sounds to go with any objects or people. 

This does reinforce the homeschooling idea though, at least for me.  Let’s say he had a 4 month delay in development in public schools.  That’s definitely not enough to be categorized as “special education”, but it is enough to maybe put him on a slower learning curve.  (not that this will last until school age but just hypothetically speaking)  In a public school class he’d just get pushed along with the group, because in a large classroom, teaching to “the middle” is what happens the most!  Whereas, at home, he’d learn at his own pace, and using strategies that work specifically for him.  So… there’s a “pro” for homeschooling! 

And, that’s it for now.

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