Busy day in South Carolina…

My family all lives in South Carolina.  Today is a really busy day on all fronts for them.

1.  My grandmother is having her past hip replacement surgery re-done.  It has degenerated to the point that it slipped out of socket and is causing her great pain.  Even though she is already wheelchair bound, the pain has been severe enough to warrant the surgery.  She is not in good health, so this could potentially be a major thing.

2.  My sister and brother-in-law are going to be in court today involving a real estate dispute from a while ago.  Some fellow “Christians” are suing them, even though my sister and brother-in-law did exactly what the lawyers told them, and even offered to make up the cash amount lost when the house sold for $3000 less.  Although technically Kate and James got themselves into this mess, I feel like they did make extraordinary attempts to make it right afterwards.  Kate and James don’t have money for this, and it’s not because they drive nice cars or have a hugh mortgage, or dress in name brands.  They are poor… really.   They really need this to go away, and I’m praying that today will be the end, although realistically, I know it probably won’t be.

3.  Later in the afternoon, James has a great opportunity to interview for a job that would pretty much double their income, and they would be able to carry real health insurance with the job.  Having 2 kids, one that is on the road to adoption, and a foster child… this would mean a lot for them!

So, busy day for everyone!  Since I”m not there, and can’t physically help out (and I sure would, if I could)  I just have to pray!


1.  The surgery went well.  There will be a good amount of physical therapy involved for my grandmother, but she’s doing good.

2.  The court date went well.  Although it is not over, Kate and James are encouraged by what happened, and their chances of not having to pay much, if anything, in the long run.

3.  James thinks his job interview went well.  Unfortunately, the job description was not communicated well to him prior to the interview.  It’s actually to fill in for a teacher out on FMLA, and that teacher could come back before the end of the school year. If that were to happen, he’d have about a day’s notice, and then no job.  So, he’ll hear by Thursday/Friday if he will be offered the job, and then they just have to decide if it’s worth taking with the risk, or not.

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