a really random day…

Today was a random day.  Lots of stuff in my head, lots of stuff happening. 

First:  the dishwasher broke.  Yep.  All of that hard water build up from before the water softener finally had it’s heyday.  We discovered this when we awoke to a mini flood in the kitchen.  (and I had planned on a nice, relaxing morning…)  Three things to be thankful for:  1.  it got fixed, today, for a good price.  2.  I was super glad that Matt had already taken the day off, so he was here to help out.  3.  As we were dealing with the mess, I was reminded that this really was just a little bit of water… and felt thankful I’ve never had to deal with an acutal flood/hurricane/other force of nature.

Second:  I have been in  a grouchy mood all day.  Don’t know why.  PMS shouldn’t be hitting just yet.  So, yeah.  I guess that’s not random.  It happens somewhat frequently. 

Third:  I did not have a cup of coffee today.  I forgot with all of the dishwasher broohaha.  So now it’s 7:50pm and I really, really, really want one.  But that would not be good for the bedtime.

Fourth:  I’ve been debating whether to make brownies.  I think I won’t .  They take too long to bake.  I like my chocolate, like, yesterday.

Fifth:  Rachel told me today, “calm down, Mommy”.  Out of the mouths of babes, right?

Sixth:  I have been thinking about something someone in my lifegroup said last night. “Am I a worshipper of God, or a follower of God”?  Ideally, I should be both. But, I think sometimes it is easy to worship, and a lot of people do, but don’t actually follow Him daily.  Hmmm… been thinking about that a lot today.  What does that mean for me? 

Seventh:  I entered 180 warranties on the computer for Matt’s work today.  That’s my all time record, and will not ever be broken by me…ever.

Eighth:  Rachel’s favorite song right now is “Your Grace is Enough”.  It’s great to hear her sing it.

Ninth:  Eli’s busted lip from Sat. night is looking much better today.  He already has Angelina Jolie lips, with it swollen it was almost comical!  Poor kid… it was a bad bust.

And finally… Tenth:  Well, I guess I don’t have a 10th.  But it sounded so much better to get to 10.  Plus, I hate odd numbers.  So I couldn’t possibly finish on 9.  That would have bugged me all night until I thought of something to say and came and edited my entry.  So I guess that’s number 10:  I’m a little weird.

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