i’m slowly rehydrating

Beginning Tuesday afternoon (and it is right now Thursday morning), I started feeling yucky.  Reeeeally yucky.  Made a couple of yucky visits to the bathroom (you know, the kind where the fan stays on looong after the visit is over).  ‘Bout every 2 hours throughout the night had to get up to go, and puke, usually 2 or 3 times per wake-up.  Yuck. 

I weigh myself every morning.  It’s how I keep tabs on how much I’m stuffing in my face.  I normally weigh about 128ish for my first weigh.  Tuesday morning I weighed 129.  Wednesday morning (after all of the yuckiness) I weighed 124.  Yep.  Lost 5 lbs of water weight in all of that yuckiness.  Doesn’t surprise me… there was A LOT of yuckiness.

Today I am slowly starting to rehydrate.  I had to start drinking water even though it made my stomach feel a little sick.  I knew if I didn’t, I was on the verge of having to be IV rehydrated.  Seriously, I have never felt so completely parched in my entire life.  After tiny bits of water throughout the night, I don’t feel “sick” anymore.  Just really weak.  Weight dropped again to 123.5 lbs.  I have to eat & drink & recover today.  Which means, not doing as much as I feel capable of. 

Too bad I can’t feel this weightless when I’m fully hydrated and fed!  Seriously though, it is not worth it.  I’d much rather weigh a little more and not feel like death.  Yep.  Definitely.

This was, by far, the WORST stomach virus I have EVER had.

ahh, my dear friend...
ahh, my dear friend...

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