nothing much

I don’t have anything interesting to say today.

I have been productive though… and so here’s my list of things I’ve accomplished so far.

*  washed sheets/remade bed

*  cut kids fingernails/toenails then vacuumed the clippings (no, I didn’t leave the nasty clippings on the carpet.  Yuck.)

*  made phone calls I needed to make (pediatrician, speech therapist)

*  typed emails I needed to type

*  took shower, got dressed, dried hair

*  gave Rachel a bath

*  got kids dressed/fed/ etc…

*  unloaded dishwasher

*  played playdoh with kids

*  made discipline chart (that I fully intend on printing and putting to use asap)

And, that’s my day so far.  Fascinating stuff… really.  Well, maybe not fascinating, but it has been fun.

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