So, I’m not sure if I “officially” announced it or not, but a while back when we were thinking about joining the Spectrum gym, well, we did.  Not only that, but when we joined, we had the option (and when I say “we”, I mostly mean “I”…)  to purchase 12 sessions with a personal trainer for half the price they normally charge.  I figured, why the heck not?  It would be a good way to kick start my anti-flab campaign.  (and yes, to those of you rolling your eyes, I do have flab.  Being a small size doesn’t mean I’m in shape! 🙂 ) 

So, Tiffany Trainer (no, her last name is not actually trainer)  has been kicking my flabby rear.  My arms, right now, they are a burnin’.  But, it’s a good burn.  We didn’t have a session scheduled for today, so I decided to venture into the world of “class taking”.  You know, the group classes they offer.  Anything from cycling to yoga to something called Zumba.  I’m not sure I will ever take this one.  I saw the class going on while on was on the treadmill one day, and the people looked just plain silly.  I know the point is to have fun and exercise.  But there are ways to do that without compromising my dignity. 

I did the yoga flow class today, and it was great!  No weird chanting or humming.  Just lots of strength poses, and core strengthening.  Have I mentioned that I have no core muscles?  Yeah… made it challenging.  But good.

At the end, my favorite part, is we lay on the mats, totally relaxing our bodies, and deeply breathing.  I practically fell asleep.  Then, the instructor came around and places lavender scented towels over our eyes, so we were inhaling the lavendar.  I think a few people may have dozed off based on the deep breathing going on… but I was almost there too… no room to talk!

I’m definitely going to take this one again.  It was great all on fronts, strength training, stretching, and relaxing.  Perfect.

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