who knew?

Who knew that yoga flow could make one so sore the next day?  This just proves how out of shape I am.  Ouch!

And, took Eli to the pediatrician yesterday.  Symptoms:  thick, green snot for 2 weeks.  I started him on Zyrtec for allergies about 2 weeks ago, he still had snot.  So I started him on D-Tann about a week ago, he still had snot.  So, knowing that the common cold can last up to 10 days, I waited, and when he still had it, I took him in.

He has a sinus infection, one of his ears is slightly infected, and he has a yeast rash again on his diaper area.

Poor kid!  The doc showed me how to feel his lymph nodes, which were all lumpy and swollen.  I had no idea. 

So, now we start yet another round of antibiotics with him.  14 days.  *sigh*  At least this one tastes really yummy.  (yes, I tasted it.  I taste all of their medicines…)  He actually likes taking it.

And that’s it.  I have a session with Tiffany Trainer today.  She intends to work my legs until I can’t walk.  Sounds like fun.

One Comment on “who knew?

  1. im glad you like yoga! i took it as a class my sr year & i hated it! but its so good for you! hey you signed up for the retreat right?

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