the battle of the wills

My mom always told me when I had kids I’d have to pick my battles.  And, it’s true.  I don’t fight over “cleaning you plate” at meals, nor do I argue if my sweet child wants to wear her tutu and tiara out in public… it’s just part of childhood.  But, last Friday, I picked a battle, and it was the toughest kind… the battle of the wills. 

Rachel is a fairly strong-willed child.  I suppose I’m somewhat at fault genetically speaking, but her father has a lot to do with it as well!  She has been exhibiting her strong-willed characteristic most recently in her absolute refusal to potty train.  She’ll make poopy on the potty, but only because she hates to do it in her pull-ups.  Peepee, on the other hand, has been a struggle.  It became worse after her UTI, and I backed off, thinking that too much would traumatize her even more.

Last Friday, however, I realized that she had taken my more gentle behavior toward potty training, and had been using it to just not make any effort at all (and she’s 2… what will the manipulation be like when she’s a teenager???).  I discovered this when I went to change her pull-up before naptime.  It was bone dry.  Not a drop in it.  So, I suggestion excitedly that we try to make peepee on the potty.  She started screaming, and refused.  So, I pull up her pull up, and said, “okay, well then, make it in your pull-up”.  She did.  Immediately.  On the spot. 

At that moment, I realized that she could hold it, and let it out when she wanted. 

So, that evening, before bathtime, I decided the time had arrived.  We were going to sit on the potty until peepee came out before bath.  She sat there for 45 minutes.  I’m not even exaggerating!  She cried, she screamed, I read a book.  Yes, I read a book while sitting on the bathroom floor waiting for her to go. 

She did finally go, and ever since then, it’s been fine.  She’s told me when she needed to go, and even once, went on her own.  Very great stuff!  I’m hoping that we’re on the road to pull-up independence.   I still put them on her when we’re going out, but at home, she wears underwear… and so far, has done well with them. 

So, that’s the latest in the potty training saga.

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