my rock jar

I have seen it actually done before… the jar demonstration.  You may know the one I’m talking about.

First, you get a big jar.  Then, put some large rocks in it.  It looks full, right?

Then you put some smaller rocks in, amazing how they fill up the spaces.  Now it’s full?  Nope.

You then put some tiny pebbles in it.  Wow.  It sure looks full now.  And yet, it’s not.

Fill the remaining spaces with sand.  Definitely full now.  Until…

You add water until the jar is officially full to the brim.  Only at this point can nothing else fit in the jar.

The point is that if the jar is “our life”, we have to fill it with things in priority.  The jar cannot be full unless the big things go in first, followed my smaller and smaller items until it’s full.  If you put sand or pebbles in first, there’s no way that the big rocks (read: important priorities) will fit in at the end.

I think it’s a great demonstration of how we should conduct our lives.  And, it definitely makes me think/reprioritize.  As much as I want it to be in order, my jar/life is sadly out of order many days.  I put household chores above my children, I put my favorite television show above time with my husband, I put checking emails & blogs above quiet time alone with God.  Sad.  It’s not that those things aren’t important in their own right… hey, the house does have to get cleaned… but it shouldn’t be my top priority any day.

My big rocks, the ones that need to fill my life first are:  God, my family, my church family.  All of the others are small rocks, pebbles, sand, and water.  Today has been a good start to my rock jar.  I have definitely put God, and my family first.  And strangely enough, I’m finding that I have more room in my life to get other things accomplished (like blogging!) when I do things in the order that they should be done.

Funny ending (well, not really funny,ha ha, but whatever…)  I was praying, and asking God to help me get my rocks in order when the thought occurred to me that God is mentioned as my “Rock” several times in the Bible!  What a reminder that He should be my biggest Rock!!!  And, that’s it.

Here’s to getting your rocks in order too!

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