blogging has been my water

Well folks,  to the 3 faithful readers (note:  I always put three, but deep down inside I really do hope there’s more than just three…),  I’m so very sorry for my lack of blog activity lately.  Blogging has been the water in my jar for a week or so, and I just haven’t had the time to fit it in.  So, a quick recap of the past week…

1.  Last Monday, Rachel fell while trying to get off the toilet by herself.  She whacked her head on the corner of the sink, and busted it bad enough for me to take her to the urgi care…. yes, for the curious, there were large puddles of blood on the bathroom floor.  Head wounds bleed somethin’ fierce!  She got her head glued together (sounds worse than it is…), and is fine now.

2.  Last Thursday, I went to the gym and left the kids in the play area.  Another child bit Rachel on the nose.  Yep.  According to Rachel, “that little girl put her mouth on my nose, then she bit it.”  So, between the head glue and the nose bite, she looked much like a little street fighter until about yesterday.

3.  Eli is still sick.  Yes, it’s true.  If Rachel is the accident prone child, he is the illness prone child.  The antibiotic he’s been on for the past 12 days is not working, so we waited THREE hours yesterday to be seen to be told that we’re going to try a new antibiotic.  The plus side to this:  Rachel stayed with my SIL the whole afternoon… I’m so very blessed to have a great family nearby!

4.  I am now a Pampered Chef consultant!  Yay me!  Really, we want to pay off our credit card debt, and this is my contribution to that process.  But, I also love,love,love the products, and also hanging out and eating.  All of which works well with being a consultant for Pampered Chef!  However, I am in the middle of planning my first party, and since it’s my first, I’m a little nervous/stress-y over it ’cause I want it to be good/fun.

5.  Today is my birthday!  Not that that’s a reason to not blog, it’s just a plug for my day!  And, its’ the reason I got on my blog ’cause I needed to change my “about Whitney” tab to ‘almost 29’ to 29!

‘Kay, gotta run!

3 Comments on “blogging has been my water”

  1. Thank goodness! I’ve checked your blog like 10 times today (seriously!) to see if you’d write something so I could say “Happy Birthday” in writing!!! So, here it is: Happy Birthday, Whit! Hope you had a WONDERFUL day! Wish I could come to the PC party- you are so creative and I’m sure it will be great!

  2. errr… I just read this, and realized I never proofed it! Lots ‘o typos. Oh well… it is what it is.

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