she’s still dry!

Ahh, motherhood.  The joys, the heartaches.  The ups, the downs.  The diapers… THE UNDERWEAR!!!  Yes, it seems that we have finally accomplished the unthinkable.  We have potty trained a child!  Definitely something to add to my resume.  I can see it now:

Special Skills

*  am able to train obstinate, strong-willed, sometimes manipulative 2 year olds to use the toilet.

I have to say, I am proud of myself for sticking with it and being consistant, but I’m even more proud of her.  Sweet Girl could not be more proud of her Dora the Explorer underwear, and the armful of cheap bracelets she has accumulated in our efforts to make peepee on the potty.

Moving on to Little Boy, we had his speech evaluation yestereday.  It went really well.  He is considered “borderline”, but since he’s doing so well trying to imitate sounds/inflections, he did not qualify for services!  Of course, while the two ladies were here, he says “uh oh” for the VERY FIRST time.  Yep.  It’s like he knew they were evaluating his lack of speech, so he decided to prove to them that he actually could say something!  *sigh*  So I’m trying to explain that really, he wasn’t talking at all, that I don’t know what clicked in his head to start saying something that very day…  Fortunately, one of the ladies present did his intake evaluation about a month or so ago, and so could testify to my rambling.  She too noted his great progress over the past weeks…  Good thing she was there to verify.  Anyways, they said that while he doesn’t qualify now, doesn’t mean that he might not in the future.  I have to keep an eye on him, and watch for certain things to develop, and if they don’t, give ’em a call back. 

Alright.  I’ve got some stuff (laundry mountain) to take care of before I go to the gym.  Tiffany Trainer intends to kill my calves today.  Can’t wait.

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