a date night, and a weird sign

Last night Matt and I had a date night!  Yippee!  His parents came over to watch the kids… and just as an aside, I am so grateful that they are here!  Since my own family lives so very far away from me, I’m thankful that we have great family here! 

Okay, so they came over about 4:45, and we left and went to eat at a restaurant on the Riverwalk.  It was fun times.  We went with some friends of ours, who we have known for about 4 years or so now.  In that time, we realized that we’ve never gone out, just the 4 adults! (they also have 2 children…)  After dinner, we went to see Chris Tomlin in concert.  It was GREAT!!!  I have to say that he is my favorite worship-type music person right now.  I pretty much like everything that he has done… the songs have significant lyrics, but are easy to catch on to, making them ideal for churches to use as praise music.  Anyways, we had such a great time! 

A Weird Sign… (a story completely unrelated to the above piece, but something that I’ve been wondering about…)

So, when I drive home, there is an auto collision repair place, and they always have weird messages up on their board (you know, the kind of board where you change out the letters)

So, about a week ago, I noticed the sign said “I AM DEPRESSED”  in large letters.  I’m thinking to myself, why on earth would someone put that on a sign that hundreds of cars pass by every day?  Weird.  Plus,  based on what I know about severe depression, it’s not something that the person tends to broadcast.  Rather, they just continue to sink into their despondancy, hoping that it will go away, but generally unable to do anything about it.  (Note:  I’m not at all saying that depression can be cured by force of will.  Sometimes it is necessary to have pharmaceutical intervention.  Sometimes, I do really believe it’s not an imbalance in the brain’s hormones, so much as an imbalance in the spiritual life.  Sometimes it’s both)  So, the sign was weird.  Today I’m driving home, and realize that the sign has changed.  Now it says “THANKS, I’M BETTER NOW” Once again… weird.  Was this person really clinically depressed to begin with?  Were they just upset about something?  Was it just ploy to get people in to ask how he/she was doing and drum up business or gain sympathy?  (yikes, I can’t believe I even thought that… but I did.)  Anyways.  I hope that it was nothing major.  I do hope the person is feeling better.  But, I also hope that they’re not making light of a situation that is a dangerous condition to so many. 

And, that’s all I have today!

2 Comments on “a date night, and a weird sign

  1. You do have great friends.

    Those signs do stump me. For this particular one, though, I think a car was depressed. Then it got fixed and was better.

  2. Yeah, I am a fan of overanalyzing. I know it’s probably nothing, but my brain, it just doesn’t want to turn off! 🙂
    It would be funny if I’m overanalyzing, and it was about a car! Ha… that would be classic.

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