I *heart* my little ponies

Remember the My Little Ponies, from back in the day?  I always loved those things when I was little…

Well, they’re making a come back.  Yep.  Apparently it’s like the 20th anniversary of My Little Pony, so they are back with a vengeance.  We got Rachel one as a “potty prize” a while back.  Little did I know, this small purchase was to start a new collection in our house.   With the pony (it was Scootaloo, in case you’re wondering), came a DVD.  It’s a sugar-y sweet sappy 30 minute tribute to the ponies (there are 7 total).  Each pony has it’s own little mini-segment, and in that way, you, and your child, are introduced to all of the ponies. 

Well, since she loved Scootaloo so much, we decided that we would continue to use ponies as potty prizes… for reaching specific goals.  One was “stay dry three days”.  Another, was to stay dry while filling stickers on a chart… so now…  she has 4 of these ponies.  Scootaloo, Pinky Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Sweetie Belle.  Yep, those are really their names.

Sadly, I have discoverd that I too have become a little attached to the ponies.  Tonight was the ultimate low.  AFTER she went to bed, I combed the ponies manes and tails.  Yep, STYLED them.  How sad am I???  Please answer in your head…

So, I guess that’s it.  I’m all about confessions on this blog, and this is yet another.  I *heart* my little ponies.  Inside I’m secretly looking for a reason to get her the other 3.  I even made a “pony house” out of an old box. (I painted the inside like it was the outside… trees, grass, peaceful stream etc… 

I feel better to have that out in the open.  I guess that’s just part of the fun of having kids… getting to re-live tiny snippets of more carefree times again! 🙂


Here they are in  all their beautiful glory!  From left to right:  Rainbow Dash, Pinky Pie, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle!!!
Here they are in all their beautiful glory! From left to right: Rainbow Dash, Pinky Pie, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle!!!

3 Comments on “I *heart* my little ponies”

  1. I had Rainbow Dash! I think it’s still at my parent’s house somewhere….our house is all boy with the light sabers and Star Wars stuff and then there are all of Aaron’s toys…=)

  2. Yay for My Little Pony! This morning, Rachel woke up and saw the ponies elegant coiffures and said, “oh, she’s beautiful” to one, “she’s so pretty” to another, and “she’s so beautiful” to another. It makes it all worth while, you know? 🙂

  3. haha! that is hilarious. im glad my little ponies are coming back, they are great toys & it would be fun for my kids to play with the same things i did. 🙂 except these new ones seemed slightly glammed up, eh? let’s also bring back rainbow brite!!

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