just sayin’

So, we DVR-ed Dumbo for the kids to watch.  I watched it too, and totally had forgotten about the part where Dumbo, the baby elephant, and his buddy, the mouse, get totally smashed and start hallucinating pink elephants.  (granted, it was by accident that it all happened to begin with, but still…) I guess that part escaped me as a child, but as an adult, it did not.  I’m just sayin’, maybe baby animals shouldn’t get drunk on Disney movies.  I know it was, like, 1940-something, but STILL, come on!  Was that like a post-Prohibition era, we’re-gonna-make-a-complete-180 or what? 

I know I didn’t have a clue as to what was going on when I watched it as a child, but sadly, I bet a lot more kids these days know exactly what’s happening… ah, the joys of the “modern” age…

1 Comments on “just sayin’”

  1. I forgot about that part, too. In fact, when I saw that your post was about “Dumbo” I though, “Awww… Gabi would love that movie.” She’d probably watch it and ask for some “bubble juice.” Our watching it when we were younger may explain what happened in England when we went back with mom…. 🙂

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