yes, my feet are still attached, but barely.

Tonight I decided to give myself a little home pedicure.  It’s hard to get out and do that these days, and what with the economy being in the tank and all, I think maybe wise to save the $30 it would cost for the pampering.

So, I run the hot-but-not-too-hot water in the big tub, and while it’s filling, remove the chipped polish from my rough, callus-y, nasty feet.  These are “winter feet”.  You know, the ones that stay in socks all the time, so I can ignore the pathetic state of my soles and toes.  I get a book, and step into the tub to get to the window seat for some soaking time.  YIKES.  Apparently I had the water on way-too-hot… oh yes… now my feet are numb and if they could bubble up through the calluses, there would be blisters, I’m convinced.  Fortunately, the rough condition of my feet have prevented 2nd degree burns.  So, with feet propped up, I run some cold water into the steaming hot mess that has nearly scalded me, and cool it down a bit.  Ahhh, yeeeesss.  That’s what it’s all about!  I love soaking my feet!

Then, the scrubbing and scouring begins.  As this is the first time in a long time to pamper my feetsies, it takes a while.  But, the end result is nice.  Smooth soles, smooth toes.  No rough gross-ness to be seen!  These are feet that someone could touch without getting scratched!

On a side note, but still related to feet.  I reallyreallyreally hate it when people have nasty feet.  It is SO YUCK.  I just wanna say, “honey, I’ll scrape ’em for you, but please, for the LOVE of all that is GOOD… please do SOMETHING about those feet!”

Okay, side note over.

And, that’s it.  I’m so very happy to have smooth feet.  Tomorrow maybe I will paint my toes a nice spring-y color.

1 Comments on “yes, my feet are still attached, but barely.”

  1. wow, i impressed myself by the fact that i was just going to paint my toes today! but way to go on the full-on pedicure!

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