i am dum

So, the other night I had a Pampered Chef party for a friend of mine.  It was fun, even though a bunch of people couldn’t make it last minute (note:  I will be SO glad when the tummy virus season is OVER!).  So, we made this really yummy casserole, and it cooks in the microwave in about 12-15 minutes (depending, of course, on your particular machine).  It was super good. 

So, why am I “dum”.  Well, let me start by saying, yes, I know I mis-spelled “dumb”.  That’s a thing my BIL, Phil, started.  When we’d be talking about something that was truely dumb, but didn’t want to say it around the kids, he’d spell out, “D-U-M”.  The mis-spelling is emphasis on how dumb the idea/action really was. 

So, today I’m entering the sales onto my program to send in pretty soon.  I see that on the first one I’ve mis-calculated the sales tax.  D-U-M.  I know how to calculate sales tax, what’s the deal?  So, I owe this girl $2.  Then, about 2 more into it, I realize I’ve done it again.  Fortunately, the total is the same (rounding up to feed the hungry saved me!)  but, seriously, TWO sales tax errors?  Then, it happened again.  And again.  Yes, apparently I only calculated one person’s sales tax correctly that fateful night.  *sigh*  Yes, let’s all say it together, “D-U-M”.  Fortunately, I only owe people a total of $3, and that’s just to 2 individuals.  The others were fine because of the rounding up bit. 

Now for the weird part:  all of my sales tax mis-calculations?  I entered $2.85 for all of them.  ???  Why???  I have NO CLUE.  All I can say, is that night I was having some ovulatory pain issues, and apparently it shut down a large chunk of my brain.  Note to self:  take mucho amounts of advil before the next time that happens.

So, that’s my story.  I’m really not a flake.  I promise.  I have no clue what happened, but you can be sure that I’ll be double checking numbers at the next party! 🙂

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