Spring Cleaning Week

I have officially (well, as official as I can make something) declared the week of March 16 –> March 20th Spring Cleaning Week.  Yep.  Gettin’ stuff done that needs to be done… maybe not very often, but more than never.

Cool Fact:  The last day of Spring Cleaning Week is the actual First Day of Spring!  Hah!  No, I didn’t know that when I thought of this.

Things I’ve done/in the process of doing today:

*  living room baseboards.  Y-U-C-K.  They were disgusting.  Now, they are not.

*  orange oil on kitchen cabinets.  Now they look all shiny and pretty!

*  started car clean out process.  It’s gonna take a while.  Will finish most tonight, but not all.

*  Changed/washed sheets.  No, I do this more frequently than once a year, but it’s a chore, so worth mentioning.

*  Cleaned stainless steel in kitchen.  Again, done more than once a year, but it’s worth mentioning also if for no other reason that anyone believes I’ve really done it when they come over and see a gajillion handprints on the toddler level.

*  Did lots of Pampered Chef stuff.  Yeah, this is not really spring cleaning, but it is important.  I’m desperately trying to expand beyond 1 party a month here, and it is hard work! 🙂

There will be more later, but for now, that’s what I’ve done. 

Yay for me.  Yay for warm weather.  Yay for Spring!

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