Day two of Spring Cleaning Week is here.  Yesterday I finished things off by having Matt take the CR-V to a vacuum place and suck all of the crusted, crushed crackers and cheerios out of the floorboards.  Looks pretty darn good today.  I also took the carseats apart and washed the seat covers, which need to be put back on today.  Before that though, I need to scrub the carseats with a toothbrush.  Yes, you heard.  A toothbrush.  When I took the covers off I knew to expect a bunch of crumbs and stuff, but there was, like, congealed nasty stuff in parts that I can’t reach with my hand and scrubbers.  So, while Matt was out, I had him get a cheap toothbrush so I could reach the grossness and clean out the bacteria nest.  Yuck.

Also today I fully intend to take several large bags of clothes to Goodwill.  Organizing our master closet was done this weekend, and as a result, we finally are parting with clothing that is in good shape, but will not be worn by us again (for size reasons!).  Also parted with were a fair amount of nasty tee-shirts from Matt’s precious collection.  He had THREE drawer fulls of tee-shirts.  Now all of the ones with holes bigger than the remaining fabric are gone.  Those we are not giving to Goodwill.  They went to the garbage.

I also have aspirations of cleaning the master bathroom, and orange oiling all of the bathroom cabinets.  That’s a lofty goal since we have three bathrooms.  We’ll see how far I get.

And, a special shout-out to my SIL, Melissa!  Today is her birthday!  Happy Birthday, Melissa, I hope it is great!  I hope the birthday dessert I made for you doesn’t taste like butt! 🙂

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