Let’s see.  Yesterday ended with the wood blinds dusted, but the bathroom cabinets were not oiled.  I also pulled some weeds out of the shrub bed outside our kitchen window.  That one is a constant work in progress!  I had aspirations of taking screens off of my windows and washing the screens and windows this week, but a dear friend reminded me that South Texas pollen season is far from over.  I think I’ll wait ’till summer on that one! 

I also cleaned the parts of our vacuum.  We have one of those bagless, canister vacumms, and it was NA.STY.  Really.  So, now it’s not sooo gross, and will hopefully work better as a result. Oh, and I did get the master bath cleaned too!

Today, well, I”m not sure what I’ll do today.  I’m not feeling as super-motivated as I have been the past two days.  I think I will try to get those bathroom cabinets done today.

Outside of cleaning world…

Yesterday I made a chocolate-mint cheesecake for my SIL’s birthday.  It was sooooo good!  Rich, creamy, minty goodness.  I will definitely keep that receipe! Who knew I’d ever be in a place where I”m making homemade cheesecakes?  🙂  Certainly not me (or my grandmother, either… I think she thought when I was growing up I’d never amount to anything in the kitchen.  )

I have been valiently trying to drum up some more Pampered Chef business.  I tried the “blitz” approach on Monday, sending emails/calling potential show contacts.  I got 2 possibles, but all of the rest so far have ignored me.  That’s a little depressing/discouraging.  I really do want to do well with this, but I’m not sure that I have the business acumen to do so.  I was trying to get one more March party scheduled (I’ve only had 1 in March!), but so far, no luck.  I mean, I understand that people are busy and all, but seriously, how much effort does it take to hit “reply” and say, “yeah, that sounds like fun”, or “sorry, just not going to work for me right now”.  I’d take the “no’s”… they are way better than the unresponsivness I’ve had so far!  *sigh*  I’m not mad, really, I’m not.  I understand that we are living in an economy that is precarious at best, and most of my friends tend to live by budgets anyways.  BUT… it’s not like hostessing a party means that you have to spend a lot!  If anything, hostessing gets you free stuff!  AND, it’s not like your asking your friends to put out a wad of cash, either!  It’s just a party!  Something to have fun at!  If they want to get something, they can, but I’m a pretty low key consultant… no forceful pushing of products.  Maybe that’s why I”m not so good at it… maybe I need to be more assertive?  I don’t know…

Okay, Pampered Chef rant:  over.

Today I’m taking Rachel to the pediatrician.  She has these funky little red dots all over her buttock area.  It’s not really a rash, but it doesn’t look like bug bites, or any of the other things I looked up in my many books/online.  So, I figure, better safe than sorry.  They are itching her, so hopefully we can get some help for that.

I had a really good Arrival Kit session yesterday.  It’s kind of like a mentoring/one-on-one approach, but it’s not really a Bible study, per se.  It’s more of a guide… an approach to looking at your Christian faith as an active, life-changing part of life, instead of something that is just there.  It’s been really good so far.  Even though it’s directed more to newer Christians (hence the name: Arrival Kit!)  it has been a much needed reminder to me about the basic parts of living my faith that I’ve been slacking at.  Anyways, I just love the person leading my through it.  She is so patient, so godly… she is who I would like to be more like, people-wise.  I’m trying really hard to not compare myself to other people so much as to Jesus, and my pursuit to exhibit more of His character qualities…   BTW, loving people like I know Jesus loves them?  NOT EASY.  Agghhh… Feeling frustration with 2 particular people on an ongoing basis… but I’m not going to get into that now.

Okay, gotta run.  Have a few things to do before we jet off to the pedi’s office.

Happy Wednesday, oh three faithful readers!

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