knock knock…


So, many people realize that Matt and I are avid “The Office” watchers.  It’s so stinkin’ funny.  Well, if you watch (which, from my 3 faithful readers, would only be Phil), you will clearly remember the episdode from 2 weeks ago, easily one of the top five funniest overall.  Dwight (poor Dwight, will he ever realize how socially awkward/weird he is???)  is asking knock-knock jokes.  It goes like this:

Dwight:  knock knock

Michael:  who’s there

Dwight:  KGB

Michael:  KGB who?

Dwight: (while smacking Michael says with a German/supposed to be Russian accent)  “ve vill ask ze qvestions”. 

Ha!  And, the knock knock theme is of course carried through the episode. 

The funny part is that Rachel somehow heard/got into knock knock jokes about the time we saw this.  I promise, it did not initally come from us!   So, her version is:

Rachel:  knock knock

Me/Matt: who’s there

Rachel:  kangaroo

Me/Matt:  kangaroo who

Rachel:  kangaroo’s here! 

She thinks she is hilarious!  We think she’s hilarious because she thinks she’s hilarious!  Little did we know it was to get even better.

Whenever she would want us to start the knock knock joke, we’d rely on old faithful, you know… banana, banana, orange… orange you glad I didn’t say banana?  Classic knock knock right there.  One day, Matt did the KGB routine with her, minus the smacking part.  She thought it was hilarious.  Of course, she didn’t really understand the humor, but I’m guessing was laughing at Matt’s attempt to have a Russian-esqe accent.

Two days ago, she says to me, “Mommy, say knock knock, KGB”!  Oh my, she caught on… should  have expected that one…

Then, SHE did the joke yesterday in the car!  Yes, she did!  We were dying laughing… her attempt to do the accent… priceless!  It sounded a lot like she was just saying the words while growling… so funny!

So, that’s my story.  Now she loves the knock knock joke… and is especially fond of the KGB version. 

Oh, and Eli makes attempts at saying “knock knock” while all of this is going on… so sweet…

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