garage sale bargains!

Okay, so last Saturday I went garage saling with a friend of mine, the Queen of Garage Sales, Stephanie.  After hearing about all of the amazing bargains she has found, and much more, after coming to grips with our new, much tighter budget, I decided to give it a go.  I really was looking for outdoor type toys for the kids.  They love playing in the yard so much, but we have nothing there for them to play with!  So, I needed something for them to do (besides dump the dog food into the dog water bowl thus spoiling both food and water…)

Here is what I got… ALL for UNDER $20!

*  a pair of like-new Keds for Rachel

*  a pair of jean capris for Rachel, and an adorable teeshirt

*  a shirt with a truck on it for Eli

*  TWO outside truck toys.  A bulldozer and a cement mixer.  These things retail well over $10-15 a piece.  I got them for $3 total.

*  A bubble blowing play lawn mower (this was $2, people!)

*  4 books (one of which still had the dust jacket on it.  It looked like it had never been opened!)

*  a Barbie princess DVD for Rachel

*  a view finder, with case holding about 6 viewfinder cards.

* a fireman hat for the dress up box

* an unopened, brand new truck and sand shovel for the sandbox

* and my last purchase of the morning, 2 pairs of pajamas (shorts and short sleeves) for Eli.  The girl wanted $3 a pair, I asked if she’d take $3 for two pairs, and she did! 🙂 

And, I think that’s it.  I feel like I’m leaving something out… maybe not…

Isn’t that cool???  I mean, all of that stuff purchased new would have cost well over $100.  I got it for about $18.  Great stuff.  I’m now hooked on garage sales! 🙂

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