who/what is more spoiled?

Me??? OR all of the food in my now broken refridgerator?  I’m going to go with…. both.

So, Tuesday night my observant husband noticed that the fridge/freezer (we have the side-by-side style) was making a strange “whiiiirrrr-click” noise.  Didn’t have time to check in amidst the chaos of bathtime/storytime/bedtime… so it was probably about 9PM when we heard it again and thought we should check it out.  We open the freezer, and realize that it doesn’t seem as cold as a freezer should be.  Immediately we go to the 1/2 eaten tub of Blue Bell Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream.  It was melted.  NOOOOOOO!!!  My favorite.  So sad. 

So, we quickly transferred the meat items (still cold since they were in the bottom basket) to the chest freezer in the garage.  Whew.  Close one…

We then opened the refridgerator side to see if it was still cold… hoping that it’s just the freezer side that is kaput.  Everything still seems cold. Excellent.  We shut the door, and retire to the couch for some jammin’ American Idol time. 

Next morning… fridge check.  It’s HOT in there.  Yep.  No joke.  The butter is soft, the sour cream is yuck… everything is nasty and HOT.  *sigh* 

So, I spend the better part of the morning calling around trying to find the best deal for someone to come out and look at our broken appliance.  In the background… “whiiiirrrr-click” is going on ever so often.  I finally find someone who’ll come out the next day (today) vs.  everyone else who had appointment openings ranging from Friday to next Wednesday!  Seriously?  A WEEK without a refridgerator??? 

So now, we’re waiting.  At home… all day… with no fridge.  Our repairman “window” is from 8AM until 5PM.  Really.  No exaggeration there.  So, I’d say we need to go out for lunch, only we can’t really leave in case that happens to be when the repairman comes!  Aggghhhh!!! 

Two things I’ve realized out of this.

First:  I have been blessed with a  great family here.  Last night Matt’s sweet parents fed us dinner (since we were going to be eating hamburgers… hold everything except the bun and meat)… and today my SIL is bringing over a cooler with a spigot so we can have cold water and something to stick stuff in to keep cool! 

Second:  Not only is our food spoiled, but I am too!  I am totally grateful that I live in a country that has the gift of refridgeration, and electricity for it to run! 

Oh, and another benefit to having to clear out everything… my refridgerator and freezer are now sparkling clean!  It’s easy to clean when nothing is in it!!!  I even popped the glass out of the shelves and washed them in the sink!  I think I used a whole roll of paper towels… but it was worth it.

1 Comments on “who/what is more spoiled?”

  1. No refrigerator is so not cool. We had that happen to us a few months ago but since it’s a rental we didn’t want to pay to fix someone else’s fridge. We scrapped together the $$ and just went to get a new one.

    It is amazing to live in a place where we were able to to do that and to continue with the luxuries (even scrapping by we have so many). And one of those many luxuries is a loving family! Glad everything is working out okay.

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