The Great Easter Egg Give-Away

Our lifegroup has previously done these trips.  We take the younger, non-school aged kids to one of the local nursing homes, and hand out little treats, and sometimes the kids end up singing/dancing/ whatever.  It’s lot and lots of fun… the nursing home folks LOVE seeing the little ones, and the little ones love being on the giving end of things. 

Today we did our 3rd such trip.  We stuffed (about a million) plastic eggs, and hauled them down to the nursing home to hand out.  Matt and I calculated that there was enough for each resident to have about 7-8 eggs a piece!  Problem is, there’s never a time when ALL of the residents are out in the common areas!  So, we handed out eggs, and talked to as many as we could, and were still left with a ton of eggs! 

Some of the things that stood out that I’d like to remember.

1.  Rachel.  My sweet tw0-and-a-half year old.  What a precious soul.  She goes up to the residents, regardless of their physical appearances (and since it’s an Alzheimer/dementia place, it can be a little intimidating… especially for kids)  and loves them.  She hugs them, kisses them, and today I saw her put her hand on the cheek of one lady almost like she was comforting her.  I’m telling you, I see Jesus in her. 

2.  The leftovers!  The activities coordinator asked what I was planning on doing with all of the extra eggs.  I said, “I guess leave them here, and you all can use them”.  She told me then that they already had a service project planned in which some of their residents were taking little bags with eggs/candy in them to the pediatric ward of the nearby hospital!  How cool is that?  Our KIDS made something to brighten up the day of some ELDERLY people.  The ELDERLY were going to use some of what was left to help brighten up the day of some KIDS!  Doesn’t God work in amazing ways? 

All in all, it was a great trip!  This was also the first one that my little 18 month old son really participated.  He put plastic eggs in people’s bags… and took some out of some other people’s bags… but they thought it was cute!  And really, it was… 🙂

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