phone stalking

Yes, I am officially a phone stalker.  I guess it’s okay to put that out on the web.  I’m not actually stalking anyone… well, in a way, maaaaybe…

Okay, full story.  I have a friend.  We were very good friends in college.  Then, I got married, moved half way across the country, and have in the past 7 years only seen her twice.  Sad.  😦

So, I have, as of late, been trying to contact her via telephono.  I just think there’s really only so much you can say via emails or facebook messaging, you know?  Besides… I like talking to her.  She’s funny, and smart, and we generally get long pretty well.

SHE WON’T CALL ME BACK!!!  Yes.  I’m am on the sad end of a telephone dumping.  So, rather than just give up (’cause really, I just don’t have it in me…), I have decided to become a phone stalker.  Yes.  I am calling, and calling, until she picks up!  🙂  I do have a limit as to how many calls I will make in one session.  I don’t want to be an actual stalker, ’cause that’s just a little creepy.  But, I do really want to talk to her!

So, dear friend.  If you happen to read this… know that I’m not giving up on you!  You might as well just give in and talk to me!!! 🙂  Love,  me.

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