oops, sorry ’bout that!

I am a sleep talker.  Recently, have become a sleep walker/mover. 

There are many, many mornings that my poor husband asks me, “umm, do you remember anything about such and such conversation”, and usually, I do not.  Sometimes it’s , “umm, do you remember getting up and trying to walk to the living room”?  And again, the answer generally is “no”.  I sometimes have vague recollections of the ending of these events ’cause he has woken me up enough to know I need to get back in bed.  But the start of them, I’m out.

So, this morning was, “umm, do you remember hitting me ’cause you thought there was a spider biting me last night”?  Yeah… I remember having a dream where I saw a weird bug on him and tried to squish it before it bit him.  Apparently, in my sleep, that transferred into the realtime actions of pounding him on the back repeatedly while yelling.  I got up, threw all the covers back, and turned on the light… all while still fully asleep.  He finally convinced me that there was no spider, and to come back to bed.  Don’t remember turning off the light, or getting back in bed, but I did.

This morning, the only reason I knew something had happened was when I couldn’t find my face mask (yes, I sleep with one of those things over my eyes!)  That’s usually my sign that something was crazy during the night, and indeed, it apparently was.

Anyone else have crazy sleep problems like this?  I’ve talked in my sleep since I was little… but all of this action is somewhat newer…

3 Comments on “oops, sorry ’bout that!”

  1. Hey! Maybe you’re pregnant! When I was pregnant with Ev, I would “dream” that there was a HUGE (like, hand-sized) spider in our bed. I would jump out of bed screaming, yanking off the covers, etc. I’d eventually wake up and wouldn’t go back to bed until James had checked under all the covers, the bed, and anywhere in the nearby vicinity. I’ve always let all my newborns sleep in my bed with me to some degree, but he was afraid to let Ev sleep with us because I might knock him out of bed when I jumped up! The dreams ended a little while after his birth… maybe you should take a trip to the pharmacy… 🙂

  2. ummm, that would be a negative. sorry sis. i know how desperately you want for me to experience the joys of morning sickness with you, but it just ain’t gonna happen.

  3. Awww- puking together on speakerphone doesn’t sound like a blast? You’re no fun… 🙂

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