our first attempt at “preschool” time

Alrighty,  so yesterday was one of the many days that dear Rachel decided she did not want to take a nap.  As is my usual rule, she had to stay and have some “independent” play time in her room for at least an hour, but after that, I knew she wasn’t going to sleep, and if she had at that point… she’d wake up too late, not want to go to bed in the evening, and in general would be super grouchy.

So.  With all of that in mind, I let her out of her room after her hour, and was going to let her play with some large, chunky beads.  We play little games like, “string all of the yellow beads”, or various other colors.  Or, “string all of the square beads”, or various other shapes.  But, she’s already very good with colors, shapes, and the fine motor skills involved in stringing them on the string.  So, I decided to bust out a different activity.

100_2667 So, this is a classifying “game”.  Basically, it comes with 42 puzzle-type pieces, and the child has to match them up in three’s.  There are a total of 14 3-piece puzzles.  And example is like what you see on the box.  The child has to recognize that the airplane, the helicopter, and the hot air balloon are all machines that fly in the sky.  Once they recognize that, they put the puzzle pieces together.

I started Rachel out with 2 of the puzzles, 6 pieces total.  And, I made sure that they were very different themes.  IE:  I did not use the planes with the boats, or other mechanized things.  I used planes with things that write on paper, or something like that.  I figured, since the activity says ages 3 and up, since she’s not quite three, maybe she’d not “get it” right away.  Wrong.  After I explained how it worked, and showed her how the pieces fit together, she went to it.  I increased the number of puzzles to 3, and then 5, and then 7… and then after about 20 minutes, she had the pieces for all 14 puzzles spread out in front of her, and she did them all! 

What amazed me was not so much the pace that she picked it up at, although it was fast, in my estimation, but rather, how quickly she actually memorized the sets of pieces!  She was looking at the entire pile of 42 pieces and working on the “things that write” set.  She had the pencil, and the pen… and she said, “Mommy, I need the crayon”.  She KNEW that was the third piece to the set! 

All in all, it was fun times.  And, it helped me see that preschool really is just things like that.  Mostly skill building… and I can do that!  I think my next step will be to print out the standards for our state for preschool and just make sure we get through all of those. 

And, if you want to know where the game came from, it’s a Carson-Dellosa product, but I don’t know if it still looks the same.  This one is a hand-me-down from my mom who taught pre-K for many years.

Yay for homeschooling!

2 Comments on “our first attempt at “preschool” time”

  1. You’re such an amazing mom! It’s going to be so fun to do this alongside each other, even if we are several states apart. Love you. I gotta go try to get a nap!

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