i am dum, take II

Had another Pampered Chef show last night.  It was a smaller one, which I kinda like.  Seems like the fewer the people, the more I actually get to interact with the party-goers. 

So, this one was at my SIL’s house.  We made the Mexican Chicken “Lasagna” in the Deep Covered Baker for dinner, and then one of the many microwave cake options in the Fluted Stoneware pan for dessert. (the casserole is in the microwave too)  I did change the casserole receipe up a bit based on an accidental find.  The receipe actually calls for using red enchilada sauce.  Last week when I made it at home just for us, I accidentally bought the green sauce.  Oops.  Didn’t realize it until I opened the cans.  But, I figured I’d go ahead and give it a try… I mean, restaurants make enchiladas verdes and I love them, how different could this be?  It was GREAT!  So, we made ours with green sauce last night, and it was a hit!  People who have been using red ’cause that’s what the receipe says loved the new option.  I love creating options for folks in the kitchen! 

So, that was not the “dum” thing.  That actually came at the start of the show.  Unlike my last “dum” mistake, I have had no trouble whatsoever calculating sales tax since my last mess-up.  I still have no idea what was going on in my brain that night…

No, this time, it had to do with the new pineapple wedger.  It is a great tool!  Basically, you slice the top and bottom off of a fresh pineapple.  Then, you put the tool over it, and push down.  You kind of have to “wiggle” it down, as a pineapple is larger than an apple/apple wedger use.  But, it works in the same way.  The end result is that you have the middle of the pineapple, with the core removed, and the sides slices off.  My dumb mistake was one that I always warn people to not do.  DO NOT PUSH THE FRUIT OUT OF THE SLICER FROM THE BOTTOM!!!  Yes.  I did.  So, a half of a pineapple goes shooting across the kitchen floor, and my thumb is sliced open and bleeding like a beast.  Quickly clamp down on it, and wrap it up. 

(At this point, I’m so very glad I’m at my SIL’s house!  Not only is she family, so I am not nearly as mortified as I would be at someone else’s house, but she as a medicine cabinet that would rival any doctor’s office supply room.)

We run to the bathroom, where it’s still gushing blood, and by this time, my SIL’s friend Jennifer has shown up (right in time for the pineapple to fly by her face) and is helping out with the wrapping process.  She wraps it tight to try to stop the bleeding, and then afterwards, she stays behind to relieve her poor bladder, and we go back to the kitchen.  At this point my thumb is looking a nasty shade of purplish-black.  I’m wondering if maybe it’s wrapped a little too tightly??? So, I quickly/carefully unwrap, and re-wrap before Jennifer comes back out.  I figure, it needs to be tight, but I don’t want to have to have it amputated because all circulation was cut off, you know?

So, the show proceeded without problem from there out.  There were a few things Melissa had to help me out with.  But all in all, it was a great show!  We all had fun, and it was definitely memorable!  Funny thing was:  no one ordered a pineapple slicer!  Hmmm, I wonder why???  Really, if you’re not being an idiot, they are quite safe.  But, like any sharp kitchen tool, should be used carefully! 🙂

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