rain, rain, go away…

I am fully aware that since I live in South Central Texas… and area currently in the midst of a really bad drought… I should be thankful for the rain.  And don’t get me wrong.  I am.  Really, truly am.


Rain makes the days as a stay-at-home mom very crazy!  It’s like winter, only worse.  At least when it’s just cold outside I can bundle the kids up and we can still play a while in the out of doors.  When it’s raining, or even worse, just nasty, misty fog-rain, and everything is soaking wet.  It’s pretty much impossible to play outside.  Which leads to a cagey feeling amongst all of us… which leads to grouchiness and fussiness and whining non-stop! 

Yesterday we pretty much stayed inside all day.  Today, we went to Target to get a birthday present for a cousin, and then to the gym for some treadmill time (and kid play time).    Even so, the morning seems to be moving veeeeeery slooooowly.  The slightest thing is setting the kids off into ugly behavior… but we’ll make it through.  It could be muchmuch worse… we could live in Seattle!

So.  I’m thankful for the rain.  I just wish that in between rain the ground would dry faster so that we could make it outside…

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