taking more precautions

Well, it’s officially happened.  The swine flu has taken its first Texan, and I believe, first American (at least on record).  The victim was a 23 month old toddler… which just hits a leeeettle bit too close to home for me.  I myself have a 19 month old child, and one who is almost 3.  It could have been either one of them…  The newsreport did not indicate where this happened.  BUT, since our area seems to be the hardest hit in Texas at this point, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was local.  I don’t know yet.

I hope that this thing can be contained quickly, but based on what I’m seeing and hearing, it’s going to be a while.  It just seems to be growing and growing daily like some out of control monster on growth hormone.  And worse, it seems like the possibility of vaccination against this beast is still months off.

Sooooo, we’re going to take more precautions.  I’ve always been a super sanitary person anyways… but the miniature can of Lysol in my purse will be getting even more use now!  As will the Wet-Wipes and Clorox wipes.

I do have a few questions though.  First question:  if all of these schools/preschools/daycares are closing… what’s happening to the kids?  Will they not be swarming parks, playgrounds, zoos, fast food restaurants, etc…???  Maybe not, but I have a feeling those places will be seeing higher volumes of children over the next two weeks.  Does that help anything?  If the schools are closed to help prevent spread of disease but the kids are still all in social areas, what good does it do?  Should those places be closed too???

Second question:  I know some churches were closed in the affected area of our city last Sunday.  Now that more areas are “affected”  will more churches, including mine, be closed this coming Sunday?  I hope not… but I guess I wouldn’t be surprised…

Third:  Just how cautious should I be?  I know I’m not taking my kids out to public places for a while until we see how this thing works, but someone’s gotta do the grocery shopping! 

Aaaannnnd, I guess that’s it.

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